About us

Compassion is always in style.

We are Shannon Riley, and TJ Nickerson. We founded Faunapparel in 2016 as a compassionate lifestyle brand focusing on animal advocacy. Our goal is to spread a positive vegan message, and make you look great while doing it!


Shannon Riley - TJ Nickerson - Faunapparel


Our vision is to provide friendly, minimalist, and sweatshop free apparel that puts the animals before the ego. When you wear our brand, you’re speaking up for animals. We want to spark a conversation, and get people talking about animal rights!

We are giving 10% of sales to animal rights groups. We hope to support a new group every couple of months, so keep an eye on our Giving Back page to see who we’re supporting.

We will grow our message by continuing to come up with new and innovative designs, while adding to the list of apparel items that we offer.

We are super excited to share our vision with you!

Thanks for everything you do for animals!

Shannon & TJ